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hi friend!! thanks for visiting my homepage.
I am Timothy pau, i was born in the 30th november 1974, which makes me a saggitarian.
chinese from malaysia, 6 feet tall and 71kg weight.
i love
reading books, listening to songs ,surf the net.........while chatting at the same time. you can looking for me in Yahoo Messenger, my nick is ChiGuyzz. see you there........
i used to hang out with friends in
mamak stall, also sometimes in bintang walk cafe of kuala lumpur. do you want to join us??
my favourite food is
hiong ben'(a kind of biscuit from teluk intan, perak), i love it so much till i can eat one pack by my self.  is that too over??
well, that is me. by the way if you want to know more about me, to make a new friend, or even if you need a good listener, feel free to email me.
you've got nothing to lose, right??